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Whatever the, schedule jingle invites and greetings via phone calls and text messages to your family and friends.


your peeps

hipper, funnier and more original than an email, text and card ... get someone's attention.

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a more personalized way of sending text messages. you create the card; we send the link.

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who cares if an event or anniversary is months from now; just schedule a call and it will be sent. set it and forget it!

phone boogie

To be creative is to be different.

The intent of Phone Boogie® is to offer you a new means of contacting others for reasons that may include dating, breakups, announcements, resuming friendships ... from a few notes come many emotions. Simply select a song and include a message; and let Phone Boogie® do the rest.

If we do not offer a song that you would like to send, please let us know so that we can add it to our list of boogies. We tend to respond very quickly to requests as would any good DJ.

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